Welcome to the Waterview Youth Group!

The Youth and Family Ministry at Waterview is dedicated to:
“Helping the family make and mature disciples!”, and that Biblical model actually means several things:

  • Make disciples =followers of Jesus!
  • Teach the disciples to grow and mature.
  • For those with Christian homes –work with that to make it stronger.
  • Use the whole family of God (all ages of the church) to minister to the students.

This ministry does many different things such as classes, training programs, camps and retreats, devotionals, family-fun events, service projects, mission trips and many other things with that goal in mind. We have many students from various backgrounds here that because of this ministry will either:

HEAR the good news for the first time

EXPERIENCE what it actually is all about on a day-to-day basis and have this faith become a real part of their life.

GROW their faith even more if there was a foundation already set in place in their homes.

Other Forms

Medical Release Form

  • Many (if not all) of our activities require a current medical release form on file. If you have not completed one, do so and turn into Warren. The link for the form is below.
  • Medical Release Form


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