A Message from the Elders to the Waterview Family

PLEASE NOTE: No services will be held at the building on Sunday or Wednesday.

We know how stressful a time this is. We continue to think of all of you and pray for you and your families in this time of protecting ourselves as the nation copes with the COVID-19 situation.

Last week’s presentation on Sunday by Dr. Jerry Barker and Dr. Bill Shumate was spread far and wide. Online almost 10,000 viewed the presentation. We also received dozens of commendations for providing this information. It continues to prove that Waterview is a church that cares about people.

Our county leaders have asked us to not meet in groups of more than 50 in an indoor auditorium. In order to prevent the spread of disease and protect both our families and community, we will not have services next week (either Sunday or Wednesday). Each week we will reassess and determine when it is prudent to meet again.

However, we remain concerned about the spiritual needs of the congregation. Our ministerial staff met via an online conference and came up with an excellent plan to keep spiritual growth and vitality alive during this time.

  • On Wednesday nights, the ministerial staff will rotate presenting lessons on spiritual disciplines. The first will be tomorrow night given by Dustin Jones. We will send out a mass text in the afternoon to alert the congregation and give a link to where it will be. We will have a pre-recorded version on our YouTube channel with a Facebook live session at 7 pm for those who use Facebook. This allows anyone with a computer or device with a browser to see it.
  • On Sundays, Robert Taylor will have a pre-recorded four-session class available through Facebook and Youtube on the topic of Gratitude: Being Grateful When It Seems We Cannot Be. Sunday morning at 10, Jason will do a Facebook live sermon which will go up on the website.

In addition, Warren Shepherd is working on materials to be available to teens and parents. Dustin Jones has set up a Facebook page for resources for parents to help teach their children at home.

Each Thursday, you will receive an electronic bulletin to keep you informed of the news at Waterview. We are grateful for all of these efforts to continue the spiritual environment Waterview has always enjoyed.

We would like to remind you of some things to do.

  • This is a wonderful time for fathers and husbands to lead their homes spiritually. Make sure worship remains a priority in your family.
  • There are many resources online that will provide songs to sing and the words and music. If you need more information, contact Dustin Jones who is pulling together some those resources to use in worship.
  • Take the necessary precautions. Continue to wash hands correctly and often. Refrain from touching your face. Practice social distancing.
  • Reach out to those who might need help. You could buy supplies for a shut-in and leave it at the door. Make phone calls to other members to keep in contact and to show love and care.
  • Also, do not forget our financial commitments continue. We are continuing to pay ministers and staff during this situation and we continue to support missionaries. We continue to pay bills. Our financial situation is important but so is the Christian grace of giving to the Lord. You can mail your check to the church building where it will be picked up by a staff member or make a contribution through our online site at waterview.org.

We love you all and miss being together. We continue to pray that the Lord will protect us, our nation and our world. We know there are many things we can do but we also are convinced that at the Lord of the Universe is the one in charge. Continue to pray, worship, and protect.

May God bless us all in this crisis.

COVID-19 Discussion w/ Q&A (Sunday AM 3/15)

COVID-19 and The Waterview Church

A panel hosted by Jason Moon with two of Waterview elders who are physicians, Drs. Jerry Barker and Bill Shumate.

Posted by Waterview Church of Christ on Sunday, March 15, 2020