2018 Summer Series: In Sync with God

|2018 Summer Series: In Sync with God
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The 10 Commandments in a Modern Age


The Ten Commandments. Even the phrase elevates it in the minds of the world.

God etched on stone his laws for living. In them we find the sanctity of human life, the unique nature of God, and respect for others.

How do we live in such a way that we stay in sync with God? This summer our series will get to the heart of God’s direction for life.

Join us, Wednesday nights at 7PM!



I am the Lord Your God

Neal Pollard


JUN 13

Keeping Your Desires in Check

Dr. Howard Norton


JUN 20

The Uniqueness of God in a World of Ideas

David Duncan


JUN 27

Keeping Life Sacred

Dr. Stan Reid


JUL 11

When Man Fashions God in His Image

Jeff Jenkins


JUL 18

Don’t Be the Thief

Phillip Brookman


JUL 25

Parent-Child Relationships Throughout Life

Wes McAdams



Keeping Marriage Safe

Chris Swinford


AUG 15

Keeping God in Awe

Noel Whitlock


AUG 22

Honesty in a Cross-fingered World

Tim Lewis


AUG 29

Time to Reflect on God and Our Relationship

Chris McCurley