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Join us on Wednesday nights this summer at 7PM.

June 2 – Revive Our Evangelistic Fervor
Since Jesus pointed the way when he ascended from the earth, our mission is clear. Make disciples of all
the nations. How do we rekindle our passion to win the lost to Christ?
Speaker: Jeff Jenkins


June 9 – Revive Our Commitment to the Word
We believe the Word of God, but how should we deepen our commitment to it as we move forward?
Speaker: Phil Brookman


June 16 – Reviving Our Commitment to Restoring the New Testament Church
For many, the concept of restoring the New Testament church has been jettisoned. How can we keep
alive the dream of being the church described in the New Testament in the 21 st Century?
Speaker: Howard Norton

June 23 – Revive Our Christlikeness
Many times, the only time people can see Jesus is to see his followers modeling his values. What should
we do to rekindle our ability to show Christ in our lives to others?
Speaker: Herman Alexander

June 30 – Reviving Our Hope
Our world is aflame with problems from political turmoil to economic peril. The news tends to be bad. But
Jesus offers hope independent from circumstances. How do we bring back that hope to our lives, our
churches, and our world today?
Speaker: David Duncan

July 7 – Reviving The Training of Our Children.
Our children will one day replace us. What steps should we take to hand the faith off to them in the best
possible way?
Speaker: Steve Minor

July 14 – Revive Our Fellowship
Perhaps one thing the pandemic hit hardest was our interconnectedness. What should we do to bring a
richness to our relationships in Christ?
Speaker: Wes McAdams

July 21 – Revive Us Again…Do We Need Reviving?
Some think that we just continue as we always have? But God is a God of bringing back to life that which
is dead and decaying. How can God revive us again?
Speaker: Noel Whitlock

July 28 – Reviving Our Attitude for Right and Wrong
Morality and ethics have given way to a “ends justifies the means” mentality. It affects all areas of our
world and nation. How do we restore the standard of right and wrong found in God’s word?
Speaker: Jason Reeves

August 4

August 11 – Revive Our Marriages
Many marriages found difficult times in the last year. How do we make marriage the cornerstone of an
effective family and spiritual life?
Speaker: Chris McCurley

August 18 – Reviving Our Personal Spiritual Lives
So many come to a church building but have little personal connection with the God they come to
worship. How can we bring back the luster of God’s presence in our lives on a daily basis?
Speaker: Jacob Hawk

August 25 – Revive Our Commitment to the Church
The body of Christ transcends buildings. Yet, it is easy to loosen our belief of the essential nature of the
church in our lives. How do we light the fire again.
Speaker: Tim Lewis