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Teach the Word…The Bible for Growing People

Children’s Education

Saule's prayersLearning is associated with someone who loves and cares. That sense is communicated to the youngest child.

Waterview was instrumental (with the leadership of Willora Oglesby) in teaching  infants. Through songs and toys, the children hear of a God who loves them. This powerful message is imprinted on the heart at the earliest of ages.

When a child enjoys coming to class, they are more likely to continue.

Beyond the nursery, children progress through preschool and elementary grades, learning facts from the Bible, which prepares them for future learning. They learn to put the Bible in chronological order as they learn about people like Moses, Hannah, Joseph, Paul, David, and Samson.

The goal is not to just fill the time each week, but to instill in a child a thorough knowledge of the Bible that will propel them forward into Christian service as they mature.

On Sunday nights, our elementary children enjoy a special series called Footprints of the Faithful. Using drama, storytelling, and crafts, the children get immersed in the Bible’s message that leaves the impression of God’s voice deep in their hearts.

JourneyLand for Elementary Kids

JourneyLandAs of December 4th, 2016, we have adopted a new curriculum for our elementary aged children called Journey Land. Journey Land is a workshop rotation model teaching system that is very experiential. Over the course of several weeks and with the help of MANY adult volunteers, we have transformed our rooms into workshops for different modes of learning.

Each week, children go to Bible class in a different workshop. Over the course of 6 weeks, each child will go through 6 different teaching approaches all focused on the same unit of study from scripture. They will cook, perform science experiments, make crafts, look at maps, act out the Biblical accounts, hear the story told to them, sing songs about scripture, and play interactive games designed to make application of the scripture.

By engaging in all of these learning experiences, the information will be retained long term and will stay with the children for years to come.

JourneyLand classes are held Sunday morning at 9 a.m. and Wednesday nights at 7 p.m.





Classrooms for Children’s Classes

Class                  Location

0-12 months old Nursery A

12-24 months old Nursery B

Age 2 N145

Age 3 N146

Age 4 N149

Age 5 (Kindergarten) N150

JourneyLand–North Wing, upstairs

JH (6th-8th Grade) N140

HS (9th-12th Grade) N144

66 Club

The 66 Club is a program designed to instill basic Bible knowledge that promotes a Biblically-centered life in our young people. For more information click here.

A child becomes a member of the “66 Club” by being able to speak or write the 66 books of the Bible. They will receive a certificate that recognizes them as being a member of the club. Each successive year (up to the fourth grade) that they are able to say the 66 books, they will receive a gold seal to be placed on their “Member” certificate.

 Teen Classes

The Bible meets the road in our teen classes. No longer is the text about facts to be learned, but precepts that must meet the challenge of contemporary culture.

All classes are based on the ages of the child as of September 1st.

Adult Classes

Modern society emphasizes information. But God stresses transformation. That’s the goal of our adult Bible classes at Waterview.

Through a variety of methods, emphases, and topics, Bible classes at Waterview strive to weave into the fabric of a Christian’s life both knowledge of God’s word and insight for daily living.

Sunday morning takes the text and places it squarely in the context of what inspired men wrote so we can hear the message both clearly and accurately. Whether in a group discussion circle or a lecture class, the text-in-context is designed to deepen the understanding of the text and broaden the “big picture” needed for effective Bible study.

Sunday night classes (which few churches offer) continue to strengthen the spirit through training, textual exploration, and topical approaches. Wednesday evenings provide at least two topical choices of interest.

Many Waterview members  devote great amounts of time and energy to teach their fellow adults. We appreciate their efforts and are sharpened by their helping all discover God’s truth in today’s world.

 Sunday Morning, 9:00 AM

Waterview’s anchor for Sunday morning is studying the text of scripture in context. This approach allows a comprehensive engagement with the voice of God. It  provides for meaning and structure. We have discovered without it, we will become Biblically illiterate.

Our current study is Exodus.

(Download study guide here.)


  • Young Adult–Discussion–S206-S208
  • Young Adult–Lecture–S205-S207
  • University Class–S209-S211
  • General Adults (Russell Scott)–S104
  • Advancing Families (Jim Alexander)–S202-S204
  • General Adults (Noel Kelley)–S103
  • General Adults (Jerry McIntyre)–S101
  • General Adults (Robert Taylor)–Chapel
  • General Adults (Discussion)–S105-S107
  • Women’s Study Class–Library
  • Non-Member Discussion Group–S107

Sunday, 5:00 PM

Suffering and the Heart of God

Greg Parks,  Chapel

“How can a good God allow so much evil and suffering in the world?”

From the early days of the church until now, innocent suffering has been the chief charge directed against Christianity’s belief in the benevolent and all-powerful God of Scripture.

Together, we’ll explore the many facets of this complex issue, from looking at God’s potential role in suffering, the need for lament in the church, how the Gospel transforms suffering, and faithful ways to deal with suffering and minister to others.

(No class will be held on Sept. 3, Oct. 8, Oct. 15, and Nov. 26)

Wednesday, 7:00 PM

Windows and Mirrors

Special Class for Women

Discussion Class,  S101

Join us on Wednesday nights as we look through scripture as a window into the character of Jesus.

This study through the gospel of Luke with dive into passages of scripture that highlight the passion, generosity, and empathy of our Savior.  Through discussion, we will consider how, like a mirror, we can reflect these attributes to the world around us.

Wednesday 7:00 PM

Character Refined in Crisis

Robert G. Taylor,  Chapel





Joseph’s story is a diamond against black cloth. His trials would overwhelm even the strongest. Yet, he found a way to maintain faith in times of crisis.

How can we look over Joseph’s shoulder and learn how to live with greater godliness?