Since its inception, Waterview has always had a passion and drive to spread the Gospel across the world. We take seriously the words of Jesus to “…go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you…”. Overseen by our Missions Committee, this group is responsible for the oversight of our existing mission locations (see below) as well as identifying and evaluating new mission opportunities.

Great Commission Sunday

Every fall, our congregation comes together to raise funds for our missions program. Separate from the missions budget, on our Great Commission Sunday we take up a separate contribution to specifically fund new mission programs and travel to visit missionaries. If you would like to donate to this fund you may do so HERE.
If you know of a mission project in need, have an idea for a new project, or would like to request travel funds to visit a missionary, please download our Mission Funds Request Form (look to the right under “Resources”) and then email that completed form to missions@waterview.org

Trey Curington Memorial Missions Grant Fund

The Fund was established in 2022 in memory of Trey Curington – a founding member of the Waterview Church of Christ Missions Committee. The purpose of the fund is to encourage young Christian men and women to travel on mission trips or visit missionaries in the field around the world. The energy and spirit that young people bring to the mission field is infectious, and this fund is established to help make these trips a reality by reducing the financial burden. Ideally, the missionaries receive encouragement and energy, while the young people gain valuable experience in evangelism, service, and leadership.

For more information, download the brochure and application below.

International Missions

Camrose, Alberta Canada

David and Dianne Friesen work with the church in Camrose, Alberta. As Canadian citizens, they are missionaries to their own country. David’s easygoing personality and drive to serve people make him an effective evangelist for Christ.

Cape Coast, Ghana

In addition to teaching at the Swedru International Bible School, Frank Essien preaches and evangelizes at the University of Cape Coast church of Christ in Ghana. Holding leadership retreats throughout the year and using his vast network within the country, Frank and his family work to equip young men and women for Christian service after they complete their studies.

Gospel Chariot Missions

Gospel Chariot Missions, headquartered in South Africa, has been instrumental in spreading the gospel through southern Africa. Using natives who preach in campaigns from an 18-wheel truck (called the Gospel Chariot), dozens of churches have been established and thousands of people have come to know Christ.

Linstead, Jamaica

On the tiny island of Jamaica is a powerful Christian presence at the Linstead church of Christ. Waterview supports Dave Osbourne and their church as they use various community events to spread the gospel.

Managua, Nicaragua

Several years ago, Waterview member Grace McIntyre came back with an idea hatched by a Nicaraguan minister. We could feed hungry children for pennies a day. Thus was born the “Breakfast Program.” At the end of each 13-week class cycle, children come down the aisles at Waterview to give quarters they saved. The quarters (and many gracious donations) feed over 600 children per month in three locations in Managua, Nicaragua.

South Pacific

Based out of Otumoetai, Chris Miller helps equip churches throughout New Zealand’s north and south islands, Australia, pacific island nations such as Tonga, and into Cambodia and Thailand. Despite being spread out geographically, these Christians are close-knit and work hard to spread the gospel. Chris’ work includes teaching, preaching, encouraging and mentoring throughout the region.

Domestic Missions

Castleton, Vermont

Only 6 congregations of churches of Christ exist in the state of Vermont. Kirk and Karen Israel, who have lived in the state for several years, serve the church in Castleton, a town of about 5,000 on the western border of the state. The church is small but growing thanks to the help of Waterview and many other churches.

Media, Pennsylvania

This congregation is located in the suburbs of Philadelphia. While the geographic area is large, the spiritual footprint is tiny. The preacher and evangelist, Russell DiGiorgio, has a passion not just for winning the lost, but for teaching others to win the lost as well. He has started a school in the church building called the Northeast Institute of Evangelism (NEIE) which is already bearing the fruit of conversions.

Kayenta, Arizona – Navajo Nation

Evan Todachine grew up in Kayenta and works with the Kayenta church of Christ on the Navajo Reservation in Northeast Arizona. He has a passion to bring the gospel to his Native people and brings firsthand understanding of the traditional Navajo teachings which helps him navigate the obstacles in the Native American community.

Bear Valley Institute of Biblical Studies

Following our driving desire to help preachers preach, Waterview financially supports some teachers at the Bear Valley Institute of Biblical Studies in Denver, CO. In addition to the financial support, our ministers Robert Oglesby and Robert Taylor teach various classes and seminars throughout the year to pass on their experience and knowledge to these students.


A ministry built to train and equip struggling churches,  HomeMission mimics the work of the early apostles in the book of Acts. No different than Titus, Barnabas, or Paul this ministry travels around the United States helping small churches by listening, assessing, training, and reviving.


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