The Good News of Jesus calls us out of ourselves and into the lives of those around us.  We want to be known as a church that cares for our neighbors and is generous with our time and resources- in other words, a church that acts like Jesus.  Through these ministries, we seek to meet people where they are, provide help where we can, and ultimately bring spiritual renewal by bringing people into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We would be glad to talk with you more about any of these ministries and how they might be of help to you, or how you can come and serve alongside us as a part of our church family.  Contact our Outreach Minister, Greg Parks, to learn more.


Grief Support for Children & Adults

The road of grief is both difficult and unique for each of us.  We offer support groups for both children and adults, where you can find hope, peace, comfort, and the knowledge that you are not alone in your walk. Our Children’s Grief Support Groups meet twice a month on Thursdays and are designed for children and teens ages 5-18, and include a parent support group as well.  Families can join anytime, but registration is required.  Follow the link to learn more and register.  Our Adult Grief Support Class meets Sunday afternoons at 5 pm, and is designed for anyone going through grief, caring for someone who is grieving, or who would simply like to be better equipped to minister to others in grief.  Contact our church office to learn more.

Outreach at Jackson Elementary  in Plano

We are blessed to have a strong relationship with Jackson Elementary in Plano, just a few blocks north of our church building.  Operation School Bell provides physical assistance for families in need, whether through financial help or other means.  This work is part of our larger Community Benevolence ministry and allows us to make deeper connections to local families.  Our Student Mentoring program pairs Waterview members with students for a weekly lunch and mentoring time.  And our Faculty Friends initiative provides monthly encouragement through treats and other means to all the Jackson staff and teachers.

FriendSpeak English Classes

Our FriendSpeak ministry matches teachers with students wanting to improve their conversational English skills, all while using a Bible-based curriculum.  Our teachers and students develop strong friendships through their time together.  If you would like to register as a student, contact Greg Parks in the church office.  Learn more about the program at friendspeak.org.

Love Your Neighbor Ministry

Yardwork, painting, and other improvement projects are just some of the ways our Love Your Neighbor ministry reaches into our community to meet the needs of our neighbors.  Beyond a simple job, our work teams extend the hand of friendship and an invitation to a Bible study, prayer, and our church family.

House to House, Heart to Heart

Our partnership with the House to House, Heart to Heart ministry allows us to reach into the homes right around us in Richardson with challenging, encouraging, relevant Bible teaching, all through the mail.  The Bible not only has Good News, it has insight and guidance for daily living, addressing any and every situation and struggle.  This publication shines a light and invites others to know God, promotes our local ministries and events, and gives an invitation to Bible study.  If you’d like to receive House to House at no charge, contact Greg Parks in our church office.

Community Benevolence

Our Food Pantry and Benevolence ministries provide physical and, where possible, financial help, as well as a connection point to other local organizations and agencies that can offer assistance.  Contact the church office to learn more.


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