Updated: January 13, 2023

Our Sympathy

Our sympathy to Sue MacLeod on the passing of Charles in December. A memorial service will be held on Saturday, February 4, 2023 at the Waterview chapel.

Members with various forms of cancer

  • John Childers
  • Jessica Heft
  • Jim Kingsbury
  • Brother of Paul Nordstrom—stage 3 cancer
  • Marilyn Sherry

Members on hospice

  • David Hair, 12777 Merit Dr., Apt. 205, Dallas, TX 75251

Members in Care Centers

  • Al Allison
  • Nancy Bradford
  • Jim Fetty
  • Barbara Jackson
  • Fred Roebuck
  • J.B. Scott
  • Bill Smith
  • Jessica Heft–At Twin Rivers on Plano Rd.

Members with Special Needs

  • Jim Sturges is now at the Health Care Resort of Plano, room 102.
  • Bonnie Goodwyn is cancer free after surgery. Tom and Bonnie would like to thank everyone for their prayers.
  • Andrea Parks is in Medical City Dallas, with their baby currently scheduled to be delivered Saturday. The baby will likely spend some time in the NICU afterward.
  • Bill Anthony will have a second knee surgery Friday.
  • Lucy Sherman will have hand surgery on Jan 18.

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