Updated November 11th, 2021


Members with various forms of cancer

  • John Childers
  • Jessica Heft
  • Terri Herbst
  • Jim Kingsbury
  • Richard McDonald
  • Brother of Paul Nordstrom—stage 3 cancer
  • Bryn Speer’s father, Charles Speer, is undergoing treatment for cancer
  • Marilyn Sherry

Members on hospice

  • David Hair

Members in Care Centers

  • Nancy Bradford
  • Jim Fetty
  • Barbara Jackson
  • Sonnie Norwood
  • Fred Roebuck
  • Bill Smith
  • Jo Wylie

Members with Special Needs

  • Paulo and Christy Ros’ youngest daughter, Natalie, is now at home recovering from an appendectomy and subsequent infection.
  • Howard and Laura Bagg’s son Jason is in a mental hospital in Florida. Please pray that they will be able to help him.
  • Russell Scott’s father, Robert, had a mild heart attack and is in the hospital for a heart catheterization that is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

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