Updated: August 4, 2022

Our Sympathy

  • Our sympathy to Nancy Holden. Don passed away on July 28. A memorial service will be held at a later date.Members with various forms of cancer

Members with various forms of cancer

  • John Childers
  • Jessica Heft
  • Jim Kingsbury
  • Richard McDonald
  • Brother of Paul Nordstrom—stage 3 cancer
  • Marilyn Sherry

Members on hospice

  • David Hair, 12777 Merit Dr., Apt. 205, Dallas, TX 75251

Members in Care Centers

  • Al Allison
  • Nancy Bradford
  • Jim Fetty
  • Barbara Jackson
  • Fred Roebuck
  • J.B. Scott
  • Bill Smith

Members with Special Needs

  • John Orr is now home.
  • Gloria Black is now at Remington Rehab.
  • Jerry McIntyre was to have had had a procedure today to alleviate his abdominal pain.
  • Carl McBride has been diagnosed with lymphoma and doctors are determining a treatment plan.
  • Gerald Hurley is at Medical City Plano following a fall.

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