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Updated February 15, 2018, 7:00 PM


  • John and Elaine Flynn’s newborn grandson, Liam Finklea, is in the Cardiac NICU at Children’s Hospital in Dallas. Liam had a successful heart cath on Wednesday and is continuing to improve.
  • Don Holden is at home with pneumonia.
  • Marty Kirby’s father, M. L. Kirby, was in a car accident last Tuesday in east Texas. He is recovering from multiple fractures in a Tyler hospital.
  • Gina Leggett had her gall bladder removed on Wednesday.
  • Lanny and Nancy Little’s son, Jason Little, had an emergency appendectomy on Monday.
  • Martha Pierce is in the main building at Presbyterian Dallas, room 621 with the flu.
  • Olena Reid did not have back surgery due to a blood clot in her lung. She is being treated for the clot and is at home.
  • Tommie Scott is back at The Plaza.
  • Jennifer Shearer is being treated for an infection. Prayers are appreciated.
  • Uyen Smith is in Medical City Plano with pregnancy complications.
  • Al Stathopulo has been moved to rehab at HealthSouth in Dallas on Northaven Road, room 307.


  • Bob Coker
  • Carol Danforth
  • Joe Johnson
  • David McGrael
  • Raybourn Orr
  • Tommie Scott
  • Boyd Cockrill

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