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Updated August 16, 2018, 7:30 PM


  • Laura Balcom fell on Tuesday night and is hospitalized at McKinney Medical Center with broken ribs and other injuries.
  • Lisa Place had a biopsy on her lung on July 11. She had an appointment on Friday to learn the results.
  • Judy Smith is now at home.
  • Rebecca, the infant daughter of Justin and Michelle Stanley had surgery on Thursday to correct a bladder abnormality. She was expected to go home on Friday.
  • Mark Tolleson continues to struggle with cancer.
  • Mike Tovar had rotator cuff surgery on Tuesday.
  • Kylie Vick is now home following surgery.


  • Bob Coker
  • Carol Danforth
  • Joe Johnson
  • David McGrael
  • Raybourn Orr
  • Tommie Scott

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