Updated: November 17, 2022

Our Sympathy

Bryn Roberts’ aunt, Deloris Speer, passed away on Tuesday. Services will be on Monday, Nov 21 at 11 am at the Saturn Rd. Church of Christ.

Members with various forms of cancer

  • John Childers
  • Jessica Heft
  • Jim Kingsbury
  • Brother of Paul Nordstrom—stage 3 cancer
  • Marilyn Sherry

Members on hospice

  • David Hair, 12777 Merit Dr., Apt. 205, Dallas, TX 75251

Members in Care Centers

  • Al Allison
  • Nancy Bradford
  • Jim Fetty
  • Barbara Jackson
  • Fred Roebuck
  • J.B. Scott
  • Bill Smith
  • Jessica Heft–At Twin Rivers on Plano Rd.

Members with Special Needs

  • Dick Burt is now at Baylor Institute for Rehab on Gaston Ave., room 213.
  • Ruby Alexander had a knee replacement surgery on Nov 8 and is now home.
  • J.B. Scott has been placed on hospice.

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