Whether you are away from home at college, working and attending school part-time, learning at a trade school, or recently graduated and now in the workforce, we want to give you a church home to encourage and help you be a better follower of Christ in your everyday life. With various meeting times and activities, we’re confident you’ll fit in immediately and find your place to serve in our church and community.

Guided Discussion Class  –  Sundays 9AM

The college and young professionals have their own class that meets upstairs in Waterview’s south wing. It focuses on discussing God’s word through lively exchanges and shared study,  providing an inviting environment to build relationships, gain knowledge, and strengthen faith.

Monday Night Bible Study   –  Mondays 7PM

Held in the relaxing environment of the home of Russell and Kathy Scott, the college and young professionals gather for Bible study on Monday nights at 7 p.m. These sessions blend learning the Bible with fellowship in a more casual way.


Greg Parks
Evangelism & Outreach Minister

Community Evangelism Team
Deacon Group


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