We offer opportunities for learning and Bible study multiple times a week on a variety of topics.

Sunday Morning Bible Class  –  Sundays 9AM

Waterview’s anchor for Sunday morning is studying scripture in context. All adult classes study the same section of scripture every week in one of two formats:

Lecture – Experienced teachers are responsible for leading the class through the given section of scripture. With some discussion mixed in, this is the most popular format of our adult classes which are organized by age and life stages to make everyone feel welcome.

Discussion Tables – A unique class that involves small groups of all ages gathering around a table to discuss the assigned scripture. Armed with discussion questions to promote critical thinking, these groups are an interactive way to hear different perspectives on the scripture.

Sunday Night Bible Class   –  Sundays 5PM

Few churches offer Sunday afternoon classes, but at Waterview we offer them before our evening worship. Typically in a lecture format, these classes focus on spiritual training and various topics to address being Christians in today’s culture.

Wednesday Night Bible Class  –  Wednesdays 7PM

During the school year, we offer at least two topical class choices that follow a brief 15 minute devotional. In the summer, we host our Summer Series where various preachers and speakers visit Waterview to deliver a message from a consistent theme.

Other Training

Singing Class

Sunday nights at 5PM, a group gathers in the auditorium to learn to sing new songs or songs that we don’t sing often.

Teacher Training

Wednesday nights, a group of Bible class teachers meet to discuss next weeks lesson and help each other prepare.


Robert Taylor
Executive Minister

Congregational Assimilation Team
Deacon Group


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