College and Young Professionals


Waterview’s College Ministry


The college years of 18-22 are pivotal for all of us, and God can do some of his biggest and best work in these prime years!  At Waterview we are a church that values our college-age students, and we want to be the place that encourages and matures you in your faith as a Christian.

Whether you are just starting your full-time college studies as a freshman, working and attending school part-time, learning at a trade school, or have already jumped into the workforce as a full-time employee, we want to give you a church home to encourage you and help you be a better follower of Christ in your everyday life.

No matter whether you have grown up in the church, struggled for a while with some doubts and questions, or are simply wanting to check out Christianity for the very first time, the Waterview College Ministry is a place to find answers and gain purpose.

Sunday Morning Class:  9 am in Room S209 (upstairs in the south wing)

Ministry Contact:  Greg Parks, Minister for Outreach & Evangelism
Office:  972-238-4714

Our College Ministry @ Waterview seeks to:

REACH college-age students, both within the congregation and in the community, with special focus on the University of Texas at Dallas campus;
ENGAGE our students in the life of the Waterview church family, and;
our students in God’s Word through regular Bible study.

We accomplish this through:

  1. Weekly Bible study together on Sunday mornings
  2. Regular fellowship events together
  3. An environment that equips an empowers our college students to engage others on their own college campuses, both at UTD and beyond

Young Professionals

One of the most exciting (and frightening) time of life is when you strike out on your own. You take your education to the workplace, find a job, hunt down an apartment, and face the “grownup” world.

But there’s something else you need to do as a young professional. You need to build your faith!

The fastest growing population at Waterview is a group called the “young professionals.” Typically, this group encompasses those who have gone on from schools into the workforce but have not yet had families. The group at Waterview is over 40 members and is looking for more.

They are also an active group.

Sunday Morning Bible Study

wv young pros 3The young professionals have their own class that meets upstairs in Waterview’s south wing. It focuses on discussing God’s word (the current study is the New Testament book of 2 Corinthians). Lively discussions and exchanges sharpen the minds of the members of this. The group meets with the college program in S209.

wv young pros 32Monthly Luncheon

The group also builds their social and fellowship ties with a monthly luncheon, usually held on the first Sunday of the month. All are invited.

Monday Night Bible Study

Held in the relaxing environment of the home of Russell and Kathy Scott, the young professionals gather for Bible study on Monday nights at 7 p.m. These sessions blend learning the Bible with fellowship in a more casual way.


Many of our young professionals also play on a softball team which plays in a Thursday night league in Richardson.