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Waterview’s Mission Outreach

Since its birth, the Waterview has always cast an eye to farther horizons. We take seriously the final marching orders of Jesus to “go into all the world.” Currently, Waterview is involved in the following mission works.

Outside of the United States

 Camrose, Alberta Canada

David and Dianne Friesen work with the church in Camrose, Alberta. As Canadian citizens, they are missionaries to their own country. David’s easygoing personality and drive to serve people make him an effective evangelist for Christ.

Cuernavaca, Mexico

The LaFuente congregation in Cuernavaca, Mexico was started by Patrick and Brandon’a Garcia. The Garcias have since returned to the United States. However, the work continues with a team of Mexicans who have assumed ministerial roles in that church. Efrain Paulin (and his wife Isabel), Mario Salgado, and Chucho Rosales serve that church to continue its growth.

Gospel Chariot Missions

Gospel Chariot Missions, headquartered in South Africa, has been instrumental with spreading the gospel through southern Africa. Using native preachers who preach in campaigns from an 18 wheel truck (called the Gospel Chariot), dozens of churches have been established and thousands of people have come to know  Christ.

Managua, Nicaragua

Several years ago, Waterview member Grace McIntyre came back with an idea hatched by a Nicaraguan minister. We could feed hungry children for pennies a day. Thus was born the “Breakfast Program.”

At the end of each 13-week class cycle, children come down the aisles at Waterview to give quarters they saved. The quarters (and many gracious donations) feed over 600 children per month in three locations in Managua, Nicaragua. Each year Grace and Robert Taylor go to Managua as part of a medical mission trip to check on the work.

Reaching America

Harding University Center for Preaching

One of Waterview’s passion is to seed the future with effective preachers and prepared communicators. The work is done in many ways but one unique form took place in 2011. Waterview partnered with Harding University in Searcy, AR to build a state-of-the-art preaching studio, replete with video equipment. When it was dedicated, the university named it the Robert K. Oglesby Preaching Studio as an honor to Robert Oglesby, Waterview’s minister of 50 years. Through the preaching center, we hope to strengthen the faith of future generations of the Lord’s church.

Strengthening Mission Churches Ministry

Thirty years ago, Waterview recognized the need to help small, mission churches. Most need resources to grow in leadership and church growth.

Started by veteran missionary Harvey Childress, the ministry produced a series of videos to instruct in church growth, leadership, preaching, and teaching. A complete listing of programs provided by SMC can be found on their website.

Bear Valley Institute of  Biblical Studies

Following our driving desire to help preachers preach, Waterview financially supports some teachers at the Bear Valley Institute of Biblical Studies in Denver, CO. In addition to the financial support, Robert Oglesby and Robert Taylor teach a day-long seminar to the entire student body on ministerial survival, practical leadership, and making effective presentations.

Castleton, Vermont

Only 6 congregations of Churches of Christ exist in the state of Vermont. Kirk Israel, who has lived in the state for several years, serves as the minister of the church in Castleton, a town of about 5,000 on the western border of the state. The church is small but growing. Waterview has taken on their working fund and has the hopes of helping it become a hub for growth in the entire state.

Media, Pennsylvania

The is a congregation is the crowded area around Philadelphia. While the geographic area is large, the spiritual footprint is tiny. The preacher, Russell DiGiorgio, has a passion not just for winning the lost but for teaching others to win the lost as well. He has started a school in the church building which is already bearing the fruit of conversions.