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Our Ministry Staff

Jason Moon

Preaching Minister

Jason joined the Waterview staff as the Preaching Minister in July 2015. Jason loves preaching the Word of God when the church meets together. His favorite kind of preaching is “open Bible” preaching straight from Scripture as he applies the ancient truth to modern, 21st century living. Very often he will lead the congregation in a study of an entire book of the Bible over the course of several weeks or months.

Jason and his wife, Candi, have been married since July 10, 1992. They are the proud parents of two faithful Christians: Nic and Lindlee.

Jason has also served as the preaching minister in congregations in Alabama and Tennessee. He has also been involved in short term mission works in Mexico City, Jamaica, Peru and Belize. His ministry career spans over 25 years.

Jason’s educational background includes a BA in Biblical Studies from Faulkner University (1992) and a Master of Ministry from Freed Hardeman University (1998).

Contact Jason at jmoon@waterview.org

Robert G. Taylor

Executive Minister

Director of the Strengthening Mission Churches ministry.

Robert Taylor is a “homegrown” product who returned home. Robert and his family came to Waterview in 1968 and he was part of the youth group in junior high and high school.

He went to Abilene Christian University, earning both a bachelor and master’s degree. He spent 20 years in local preaching before coming to Waterview in 2000.

Since his coming, he has taken on several roles including managing the facilities, serving as the church administrator and coordinating the Bible class program. His abilities in technology put in him the role of developing electronic presentations and taking care of technology needs for the Waterview Church.

With his background in ministry, he also is the director of the Strengthening Mission Churches ministry, which provides video training to small, mission churches.

He serves on the board of the Oglesby Foundation and assists Robert Oglesby in several training events for other ministers.

He and his wife Vickie have two children and two grandchildren.

Contact Robert at rtaylor@waterview.org

Warren Shepherd

Youth Minister

shepherdWarren connects with kids and is a frequent visitor to sports events, band concerts, and even school lunchrooms. He coordinates many activities at Waterview.

In 2011, Warren was thrust into the role of the sole youth minister at Waterview and rose to the challenge. He planned and executed several summer mission trips, worked with both Junior High and High School students in retreats, and conducts two sessions of summer camps.

Warren has both the heart and the patience to stir within young people a passion for God’s service and serves as a counselor and guide for them.

After growing up in Arizona, Warren graduated from Harding University in 2002 with a degree in Youth & Family Ministry and a minor in Missions.  That same summer he and Lacey married and started ministering to students here at Waterview.  Lacey is also a school teacher in Richardson, and they have 4 children, Addison, Paisley, Phoenix and Jenna.

Warren and Lacey both grew up in preacher’s homes and that passion for caring for others has definitely been passed down as they enjoy ministering to others in great times, tough times, and everything in between as they want to help others in following Jesus.

Contact Warren at wshepherd@waterview.org

Dustin Jones

Minister of Family Development

dustin jones
This new position was created in May of 2014 to aid the spiritual development of young adults and to coordinate children’s education at Waterview.

Dustin and his wife Megan ended up at Waterview almost by mistake.

After they were married in 2008, they moved to the Dallas area in December 2009. They tried to visit a church in McKinney, only to discover the doors were locked at class time. They went home, and did a computer search for “churches of Christ” and found Waterview. Estimated travel time was 19 minutes, and they had 22 minutes to get here. They rolled into Waterview’s parking lot with just minutes to spare and never turned back.

When Dustin was going to college, he was torn between studying youth ministry and playing the trumpet. He chose music (specifically the trumpet) with the idea it would be his avenue to reach others for Christ. His plan was to teach trumpet but place himself in the path of influence of young men and become more of a mentor, rather than a teacher. When he informed his students of his decision to leave teaching, many protested because of their close bonds with him.

Dustin’s interests are diverse. In addition to music, he enjoyed weight lifting and “aquaponic gardening.”

Dustin received a Bachelor degree in Music Performance from Texas Tech in 2007 and was awarded a Masters degree in Music Performance in 2009. He and his wife Megan were married July 12, 2008 in Ovilla, Texas.

Contact Dustin at djones@waterview.org

Greg Parks

Evangelism and Outreach Minister

parks picture

Greg Parks is new to the Waterview staff…but not to Waterview. Greg grew up at Waterview as part of the youth group. He went on to Harding University to receive his Bachelor’s in Bible in 2007.  He is currently wrapping up his Master of Arts in Christian Ministry degree from Harding’s School of Theology.

Greg has a passion for ministry. He comes to Waterview from the Eastridge Church of Christ in Rockwall where he was a successful Junior High minister for nine years. He is a high energy guy who loves to have conversations about the Lord and his plans for people.   Through his  life experiences, Greg has developed a special passion for ministering to others in times of grief and loss and for helping others develop that same passion to minister faithfully to those around them.

Greg will work with Waterview members to help them fulfill Christ’s great commission in their  lives and neighborhoods.  It is through His people that God does some of His greatest work in the world, and at Waterview we want to be a part of that work!

Greg and his wife Andrea met in the third grade at Waterview.  Andrea taught second grade in public schools for six years and now teaches in the Waterview Christian Preschool.  They have two children, Nolan and Madison.

Contact Greg at gparks@waterview.org.

Robert K. Oglesby, Sr.



Robert recently retired as the pulpit minister following a 52-year tenure at Waterview. He currently serves part-time focusing on developing young ministers and training preachers in survival tactics for ministry as well as continuing his leadership of the Oglesby Foundation which provides scholarships to preachers in training.

In 1967 Robert began studying small group processes and innovated the group discussion method of Bible classes, still used at Waterview at present. Out of that work has come 22 books for group discussion.

He has always been a passionate evangelist. He developed a method of training members to share their faith called Personal Evangelism Training (PET for short). Hundreds have been trained in PET. Then, as technology came online Robert went to sharing the gospel on video. His first series, The One Story, was an adaptation of his PET series. In 1996, he produced a series shot on location in Israel and Greece called The Story. This dramatic telling of the Bible’s story provides a comprehensive understanding of the Bible’s message in an engaging way.

His wife Willora is an important part of the team, developing a terrific teacher’s workroom at Waterview and starting cradle roll classes within Churches of Christ. Together they have two children.

He has both bachelor and graduate degrees from Abilene Christian University and was awarded an honorary doctorate from York College. Robert has served on the Board of Trustees of Abilene Christian University and serves on the board of The Christian Chronicle.

Contact Robert at roglesby@waterview.org

Our Elders


Waterview is led by  7 elders who oversee and shepherd the needs of a thousand member family. They are Russell Scott, Jim Stigers, Thurman Alexander, Jerry Barker, John Orr, Jim Alexander and James Withrow.