What Should I Expect

No Need to Tremble!

Most people have a vocabulary for going to a different church. Words like “nervous” or “unsure” come to mind.
What should you expect when you step in the doors of the Waterview Church of Christ?

You will enter a door held for you by a smiling member of our Heart2Heart greeter team. They will offer a warm handshake and helpful directions to class as well as any other helpful information.

On Sunday mornings, you will settle into a comfortable but friendly Bible class. Waterview has classes for all ages, from the youngest infant to the most mature adult. Adult classes come in different sizes and learning styles from lecture to round-circle group discussions. All adult classes study the text of the New Testament in context so we can really understand clearly what God has said. Our current study is the 1 Corinthians.

After our 9 a.m. classes are dismissed the hallways swell with people visiting each other as they make their way to worship. What should you expect about worship?

There’s nothing mysterious. Our aim is to glorify God by following the simple blueprint set forth by God in the New Testament.

  • We sing uplifting songs of praise without instrumental accompaniment led by Myron Bruce.
  • We gather around the table of the Lord each Sunday and take the Lord’s Supper together.
  • Various men in the congregation guide our minds as we pray together.
  • Jason Moon, Waterview’s pulpit preacher, presents Bible-based and thought-provoking lessons designed to teach, encourage, and stimulate spiritual growth.

Those who submit a visitors card will receive a free gift of bread delivered by our Trailblazer teams.

You will also get an invitation to return at other times. We also have Bible classes as well as worship on Sunday nights. Wednesday nights provide another spritual growth opportunity.

In short, what can you expect from the Waterview Church?

You will find us Bible-based, growth-centered, and heart-friendly. It’s more than a church. It’s a place that almost 1000 people call home.

Come and see for yourself!