Who We Are


The Fingerprint of the Waterview Church of Christ

It’s nothing more than the oil left behind by a touch. Yet, the fingerprint, with it distinctive swirls and ridges is not just a print. It a sign pointing to the identity of the person. By examining the print left behind, you discover who the person is.

But fingerprints are not left behind by just people. The fingerprint of the Waterview Church of Christ can be examined and probed until you answer the question, “who are these people?”

It’s best to begin our investigation behind the scenes. The Waterview church believes one simple premise. If you open the pages of the New Testament, you read of Christians worshipping, working, preaching, and praying. If we read those words and do what they tell us, we will be Christians just like Peter or Paul.

What happens when we turn to the pages of the New Testament and listen to those who bore the words of Jesus faithfully?

Let’s start in a most public way. Let’s enter into worship together. You get a flavor of the Biblical mandate by watching our worship. We sing using the only instrument God created–the human voice and heart. They provide the power of passion and the clarity of understanding as we speak and encourage one another in song. We gather around the Lord’s Table every Sunday where we join the Lord in constantly bringing to life the reason for our faith–Christ’s sacrifice on a cross to take away sin. In the feast, we see our Lord dying on a cross for us and being risen from the grave with the promise he will come again one day. Around the table we cast the eye to that day. This we do until He comes again.

We share of our material means to help others and to spread God’s message.

The messages from Waterview’s pulpit deepens our understanding of God’s will as revealed in the Bible, propels our faith, and touches the nerves of a heart in constant need of examination.

Prayers flow from our lips to express our deepest needs, our rawest hurts, and warmest thanksgivings for God’s blessings. Together, we bow our spirits before a God who hears and rewards.

But beyond the doors of our auditorium, you can still feel the fingerprint patterns. Our Bible classes focus on what God says and what God wants us to do. The text in context study plan steers our ways through the human foibles and prejudices which many times blind us from hearing God’s clear voice. Our joined experience polishes character like a stone honing a sword to a sharp point. No child is too young and no adult is too old to learn the story of Jesus.

We also share the gospel far beyond the city limit signs of Richardson, Plano, or Dallas. Our mission efforts are as wide as the earth stretching from South Africa to Mexico to the Canada. We take seriously the “Go” in the great commission Jesus gave his disciples.

But joining the heart of worship and the mind of learning is the hand of service. A multitude of ministries builds up the church and serves others. Women sew garments and pillows used by those suffering painful cancers. The downtrodden receive food and clothing. Those who enter our doors for the first time feel the love of a warm hand extended in welcome.

But ultimately, we want to see people cleansed from their sins. We are united with Jesus when we are immersed in the water of baptism. As the death, burial, and resurrection is re-enacted, an old life dies, a new life rises, and sins are washed away. Not only does God get a new child but we gain a new brother or sister in Christ. We believe people who honestly examine the evidence will see the long line of people in the New Testament who became Christians just this way. Whether it be on Pentecost, in an oasis of water which the Ethiopian nobleman entered, or in a pool in which the blind Saul of Tarsus found both his physical sight and his spiritual vision, all men can have sins forgiven, lives renewed, and hope restored through God’s plan for salvation.

What fingerprint do we leave behind? It is one that bears the imprint of God’s word and the oils of service to God. Come and join us and find the people behind the fingerprint.


For a video presentation on The Waterview Challenge, click here.