Dustin Jones - Family Development

Dustin Jones

Family Development Minister

After attending Waterview for 4 years, Dustin was hired on June 1, 2014, as the Minister of Family Development. His role is to aid the spiritual development of young adults and children at Waterview, and you’ll also see him leading singing most Sunday mornings.

Dustin and his wife Megan ended up at Waterview almost by mistake.

They were married on July 12, 2008, and moved to the Dallas area in July 2009. In December of 2009, they tried to visit a church in McKinney, only to discover the doors were locked at class time. They went home and did a google search for “churches of Christ” and found Waterview. The estimated travel time was 19 minutes, and they had 22 minutes to get here. They rolled into Waterview’s parking lot with just minutes to spare and never turned back.

When Dustin was going to college, he was torn between studying youth ministry and playing the trumpet. He chose music (specifically the trumpet) with the idea it would be his avenue to reach others for Christ. His plan was to teach trumpet but place himself in the path of influence of young men and become more of a mentor, rather than a teacher. When he informed his students of his decision to leave teaching, many protested because of their close bonds with him.

Dustin’s interests are diverse. In addition to music, he enjoys weight lifting, wood working, and gardening.

Dustin received a bachelor’s degree in music performance from Texas Tech in 2007 and was awarded a Master’s degree in music performance in 2009.