Mothers of Young Children

Waterview church of Christ 1409 N. Waterview Dr, Richardson, TX

This year we will look at the book "Seven Traits of Effective Parenting".  Information about each of these dates and the lessons are listed below. If you'd like more information about this ministry, and any previous lessons then go HERE

LTC (Leadership Training for Christ)

Register your 3-12 grade student for LTC today!  Students partake in various individual and group events that promote their Bible knowledge and talents in events such as chorus, Bible trivia, art, drama, speech, song leading, and many more. Get more information HERE

Link Groups

Link Groups are a great way for our big church family to meet in smaller groups in order to foster more meaningful relationships as we study the Bible in a discussion-based approach. We have groups that have similar ages or life stages, ones with mixed ages, or ones where the members live near each other. Some of our groups meet at lunch, yet many others meet in the afternoon or evening.  Talk to Lenin Munguia if you’re interested in joining a Link Group. For those who would rather not be in a small group discussion, but hear a sermon on the same topic, there will be one in the chapel that day at 5:30pm.