Mirror, Mirror?

Mirrors reflect things, that’s what they do.  Perhaps like full-length mirrors, they reflect real life in a large way; or like compact mirrors, show only a small bit of reality. Perhaps distortion is the purpose as with mirrors where “objects are closer than they appear” so we can see more of what’s around us.  And, if we want to see tiny things better, who doesn’t have a magnifying glass nearby?

Mirrors aid us everyday.  They help us look our best. They help us keep a safe driving distance from the car in front, behind or beside us.  They help us read the fine print.  They help us know what our kids are up to in the backseat!

While mirrors are helpful, they simply reflect. They don’t change things.

Reflecting or Doing?

James 1:22-25 uses the story of a man and a mirror to remind us not to be forgetful hearers, but doers of the word.  In the story, the man sees his reflection, but goes away and forgets what he saw.  Imagine finishing up a long, sweaty workout, looking in the mirror and then just walking away. Even with a shower and change of clothes, friends will know you didn’t spend much time taking action on what the mirror reflected!

As Christians, the bad hair day excuse doesn’t fly. We are children of God; He will establish the work of our hands and bless us!  Join us as we reflect on how we see ourselves, as we reflect on how others see us and, most importantly, join us as we reflect on how God sees us.


  • Do I see myself as God sees me or as others see me?
  • In what ways can I use the blessings I have to glorify God and increase his kingdom?
  • Does God expect too much?
  • How should I respond to accusations or criticism while reflecting the love of Christ?
  • How can I develop into the Christian I want to be?
  • Do others see in me the reflection of my King?
  • Am I living like the princess I am?

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