What is it?

Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) is a training program that our congregation
uses to help students grow spiritually as they work on leadership and service skills,
Bible knowledge and other tools to help the church make and mature disciples. We do
this to not only train our future leaders, but also to help the growth of the church today!
We have practices during the Spring and some events at other times during the year.
Even though LTC’s mission is to always be in the process of training students, the big
highlight is the annual convention held during Easter weekend.

When is it?

The upcoming LTC Convention will be March 29-30, 2024.

Where is it?

There are quite a few different LTC organizations across the nation, each of which are autonomous, even if they seem similar or share the same theme.
We participate in the North Texas LTC (called NTLTC) which uses the Hilton Anatole in Dallas as its convention site.

How Do I Sign Up?

You need to register through our church, and there are Waterview-specific details you’ll need to know, which some can change from year to year.

Because of that, please start by reading this year’s Waterview LTC Info Letter.

After reading that, you’ll be ready to register, which occurs through December. Our coordinators will be
at the youth desk on Sundays to collect registration forms, payments, and assist you
with any questions you have regarding LTC. Not only do you register your students for
their events (you can make changes for a month or so after the new year), but this is
also the best time to purchase the additional items (food, hotel rooms, etc.) for the
convention weekend for your student or your whole family.

Rules and information for each event are available online at ntltc.org, at the youth
desk with our coordinators, and also on one of the bulletin boards.

Use the following links to download and print the following forms and return them to the Youth Desk.

3rd-6th Graders
View Registration Form

7th-12th Graders
View Registration Form

Adults (Families, coaches, etc.)
View Registration Form

Event Practices

Starting in January, all of our events begin practices. We will have an
update each week in the bulletin, especially since some events practice every week,
some alternate, and some meet at irregular times. A few events have a coach that you
need to contact in order to set up a specific time. Look for the coaches list we publish.

What to Expect at the Convention

The convention occurs over Easter weekend, and our students get to display what they’ve been training to do.  They also encourage us when we see what they do, but they also receive feedback from judges to help them improve for future service. There are many different LTC sites across the country, each run autonomously, but we participate in the North Texas LTC (NTLTC) which currently uses the Hilton Anatole hotel on 35E for its convention.
Many hours are put in by our staff to prepare our group’s stay that weekend and saving your family money, so take advantage of that opportunity.  Some of those discounted items include hotel rooms, food, snacks, etc.  If your family wants to eat the food we bring to the convention, they will need to order these before the convention as we order the amount purchased.

Friday at Convention- Events start at 3pm.  You will receive information on where to meet that afternoon at the hotel. Although there is a general schedule online you will want to check-in first at our church’s table to get an update as students occasionally need to move to a make-up time due to schedule conflicts.
Saturday at Convention- Events start at 8am and continue into the afternoon. If you can, please stay all day to encourage other students and families. We also eat dinner as a group that evening.
Sunday during the Convention- A lot of families are back at Waterview for Easter, but there may be some who stay for the Sunday morning presentation and worship at the hotel. The morning presentations and worship will include several students who have been asked back to participate, which is a great thing to do if they are able.  The specifics of that isn’t announced until the night before.
After the Convention- After the convention, and usually that following Sunday night,  our students lead the Sunday evening worship service at Waterview, and we have an awards banquet.