Adam and Eve

It's amazing how much we can learn about ourselves from the first few chapters of the Bible! It is also interesting how some of those same lessons apply to marriage, one of the major themes of Genesis. Today, we would be wise to learn the same lessons that Adam and Eve learned about marriage and apply them to our marriages today!

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Appreciating God’s Servants Who Do Good

God established three great institutions to give order to the world: the home, the church and civil government. Romans 13 describes the Christians responsibility to the state under which one lives. In doing so, Paul shares three compliments about people who represent the authority. This lesson is our way of saying thanks to first responders.

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Why We Teach?

Bible school teachers are some of the greatest volunteers in the church. Some teach for years every week the church meets for Bible school. This lesson is a reminder of the importance of teaching the Bible and is meant to encourage Bible teachers.

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