Understanding Romans 14

Ever heard someone say "That's a Romans 14 issue?" What did they mean? Unfortunately, sometimes Romans 14 is misused to sweep doctrinal disagreements under the rug in order to promote unity in diversity. Is this how God wants us to use Romans 14? In this lesson we discuss what Romans 14 means and show some ways it's often misused.

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Forgiving Myself

Why do some Christians have no trouble anwering the question "Are you saved?" but struggle to answer the question "Do you feel saved?" The reason is sometimes Christians struggle to forgive self even though they believe God has forgiven them. If this is happening to you, there is a terrible, heavy burden of guilt that you carry with you every day. In this lesson, we discuss steps to lay aside this burden of guilt.

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Forgiven By God

So many people live their lives hitched to their past with regret and remorse. What if it was possible to live free of that? It is and it's called "forgiveness." In this lesson, we explore the wonderful possibility of a God who is willing to forgive. We ask three fundamental questions to help us understand how to enjoy the peace of forgiveness.

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