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After the Resurrection

As the book of Acts begins, Luke reminds us Jesus wasn't raised to rest. In Acts 1:3-11 we are reminded of the things Jesus did after his resurrection. As for us, we are reminded a resurrected Lord requires a resurrected life. So the resurrection requires our response, which we observe in this lesson.

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Hope in the Resurrection

In the beginning, God gave life and the story of Scripture ends with God giving life again. This is best understood in the hope of the resurrection. In 1 Corinthians 15, Paul devotes the whole chapter to this fundamental of Scripture. He makes important points, he answers important questions, but most importantly he tells us of the great hope we enjoy as we look forward to the resurrection from the dead.

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Hope in the Cross

Man's greatest question is "How can I be right with God?" I'm thankful that Paul answers that question in one of the greatest passages in the Bible: Romans 3:21-26. In this lesson, we consider how we can be right with God, despite our sin, because of God's righteousness that is manifested in the hope of the cross!

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Hope for the Future

"Hope for the Future" - Even if you don't know much about the Bible, you probably know about Jeremiah 29:11. This verse has exploded in popularity in the 21st century. The reason people like this verse is because it talks about the hope of God blessing people. The problem with that is it is often thought to mean something it really doesn't mean. In this lesson, we look at what this verse doesn't mean (how it's often taken out of context) and then we try to learn some practical lesson we can take away from it about hope for the future.

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Hope in the Present

By its very definition hope is based on a belief of good things in the future. But while hope is set on the future, there is an aspect of it that benefits us in the present. In this lesson, we turn our focus to Romans 8; one of the great chapters in Scripture! This chapter teaches us about hope, but it also teaches us that hope is something we can enjoy "now." Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe on YouTube

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Hope in Suffering

If one were to search in the Bible for the concept of hope, the book of Job would probably seem like the most unlikely place to find it. However, other than the book of Psalms, there is more said about "hope" in Job than any other book in the Bible. The story of Job is a reminder that even during incredible loss and suffering, hope is not only possible but actually the only way to really deal with it. In this lesson, we notice one of the most amazing passages in Job (19:23-27) which shows us there is hope in suffering.

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Hope in the Lord’s Prayer

Have you ever considered that when you pray you are exercising a part of your faith that is really rooted in hope? That's right, you don't pray because you believe in prayer, you pray because you believe in God, our hope! On one occasion, Jesus taught a parable to remind us we ought to pray and not lose hope. But his most famous prayer, which is often called the model prayer, is really a prime example of how prayer is rooted in hope. In the Lord’s prayer, we are reminded of why we pray and why we have hope in God.

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Why Love is the Greatest Thing About Christianity

The church at Corinth had many problems. Much of the first epistle addresses those problems and offers solutions. But in the context of correcting some issues about using spiritual gifts, Paul breaks out in 1 Cor. 13 with one of the greatest chapters in the Bible. Love is what makes Christianity different and Paul explains how it keeps us grounded, helps us live out who God is and how it will continue on, eternally.

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