Christians are priest! But what does that even mean? The best way to understand this concept is to go back to the O.T. book of Leviticus to learn about the special service the priests in Israel rendered to God.

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A Little Bit of Eden Restored

The biggest part of the Bible Story exists in between the two paradises of Eden and Heaven. This lesson explores the close communion that Adam and Even enjoyed with God, how they lost it and how mankind will one day enjoy it again. However, in the meantime, God blesses us with an opportunity to enjoy a little bit of Eden restored in his presence as we worship. There is glory in the gathering because we worship God, but also because he blesses us with something we can't get anywhere else!

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In our "One Book" series we review the events of Exodus following the theme of "Going." From start to finish, Israel was going somewhere. Like all people they went away from God but found their way back to him in the story of the Exodus.

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Scattered, Smothered, and Covered

Yes, that's how you can order your hash browns at Waffle House. But in this lesson we use the concept of Scattered in contrast to the idea of Gathered. God's plan for his people during all times is to develop of rhythm of Gathering in Worship and Scattering to be his People among the people. In this lesson we see this connection in Scripture, an example of this demonstrated in ancient Israel and perfected in Jesus. 

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The book of Genesis is the book of beginnings. Many are surprised, however, to learn that grace is first found in Genesis. In this lesson we discover how in the story of Noah we find grace, faith and obedience - God's eternal formula for salvation.

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Overcoming Success

In the final sermon of 2018 we take a look back and then forward. Waterview has been a successful church in the past, but we acknowledge the path to success is to keep moving forward. To inspire and encourage us we reflect on the words of Moses from Deut. 31:6.

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The End?

On Sunday nights in 2018, we have focused on going through the Bible. We have read it and reached the end. What do you do when you get to the end and you know what the Bible says? Why should you keep reading the Bible even if you have read it before?

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