The Forbidden Threshold

Sometimes, you find yourself in front of a threshold. It is something unfamiliar, something even uncomfortable. Do you cross it? Why? Peter knew that feeling. He saw animals that were not to be eaten yet God told him to eat. Then, he told him to do something else he had never done. Do we have the courage to respond as Peter did?

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The Nontraditional Teacher

As a non-traditional Rabbi, Jesus drew many followers that came to hear him teach. As he taught them, he would say things that many did not understand, and sometimes it would cause them to stop following Him and His teaching. However, when many left, it was Peter who recognized that Jesus had the words of eternal life that are written and recorded in our Bibles so that we too can believe and come to know that He is the Holy one of God.

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A Shepherd’s Duties

In our third and final lesson about the eldership, we discuss where the rubber meets the road. The work shepherds do is fundamental to the success of the local church. This lesson follows the Bible names given to elders and how they can be narrowed into three main areas of work.

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Honesty is the Best Policy

Truth has become a casualty of the moment. When needed, we shave the truth, or at least, cross our fingers behind our back. It is a sign we don’t want to really tell the truth. The 9th commandment directs honesty. Dishonesty comes in many forms but honesty has one form—tell the truth in love all the time.

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