A Man Like Nehemiah

The Old Testament is filled with stories we need to know. Nehemiah was one of God's great leaders who inspired others to join in the rebuilding of the walls and gates of Jerusalem around the year 444 B.C. This lesson considers how Nehemiah demonstrates what it took to mentor and mobilize this amazing effort.

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A Worthy Person

Luke 7:1-10 is an unusual account of a different kind of man. Most people don't see themselves the way others see them. Most of us think we are more deserving and worthy than we really are. But the centurion in this story saw himself as unworthy when everyone who knew him thought he was worthy. This lesson explains why that was true.

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The Invitation of Jesus

An invitation is generally received with the request to RSVP. Those letters come from a French expression which simply means "please respond." We usually end our lessons with an RSVP. In this lesson we look at the biblical background of the invitation Jesus offers to us in Matthew 11:25-30. We also discuss methods of responding to Jesus that are unique to Waterview.

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A Heart Pleasing to God

The Bible says Christ came from the "root of Jesse." Since Jesse was David's father that means Jesus and David both came from good roots. When God chose David to be Saul's replacement as the next king, God already liked what he saw in the young, shepherd's heart. David became the product of his home. Today, this will be true of our children. This lesson seeks to challenge our hearts to understand our children will grow up from our roots. Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe on YouTube

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Feeding for the Future

Too many times we wait until the future is present and then we panic. The breakfast program had a great start and is doing effective work feeding and helping those in Managua who are struggling. In our work in Nicaragua, we are making plans to feed the future.

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Rest a While

Our culture demands we go, go, go. It translates into being busy, busy, busy. Biblically speaking, we must allow our faith to work and serve, but we must remember that work demands rest. In Mark 6:30-31, Jesus shows us after we work we should "rest a while."

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The Last, Great Lesson on Joy

The theme of Philippians is "joy." That being the case, we shouldn't be surprised that Paul's last words of this book (Phil. 4:14-19) are about joy too. But the last, great lesson on joy in Philippians is a lesson about "the joy of giving." We normally don't associate "giving" with "joy" but Paul did. In this lesson we notice some tangible ways to better appreciate how there really is joy in giving as Paul uses the gift of the Philippians as a lesson for us today.

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