No other task is so under-appreciated and quickly passed over as motherhood.

Even a mother who works outside of the home works her most important task is at home. Noses need wiping, and diapers require changing. A toddler peppering a woman with the staccato of “why” chews into sanity. Ask a mother how she is after being up with a sick child at night, and you will probably get a faint smile and a yawn-laced “I’m fine.”

A mother does not raise a child to adulthood. She presents him to eternity—crafting in open laps and dirty cereal bowls. No one works harder at a task with more significant consequences.

Even though man carved Mother’s Day into the second Sunday in May, it captured the heart of God, for you read of the Hannahs and the Marys, the easily forgotten bearers and shapers of life.

So, today, we do more than applaud mothers and pin a corsage on a lapel. We stop and say, “thank you for giving to the Lord as well as your family.”

Even if no one else knows what you do, the Lord does.

-Robert G. Taylor-