In 1631, King James published a Bible that many called the “Wicked Bible.”

It was the first printing of the King James Version. It contained over 3 million characters that had to beg handset. Mistakes happen.

But one was worse than the others.

In Exodus 20:14, it should have read:

“Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

But the printer left out the word “not,” which resulted in a reading of “thou shalt commit adultery.”

So enraged was King James he ordered every printed copy hunted down and destroyed. Today, eleven remain in existence.

That kind of translation creates a stir. The text’s translation in people’s lives doesn’t get much attention.

We omit “nots” many times. In our lives, we allow for lies, grudges, gossip, and fits of rage. It’s not that the Bible condones it. We merely omit that from our behavior.

The printer who printed the wicked Bible was punished with fines and prison and was disgraced. But those who omit God’s word in their life pay for it in eternity.

If your life translated the Bible, how would that version read?

-Robert G. Taylor-