For fifty years, Europe has sped down the autobahn of secular thought. Cathedrals do not contain worshippers, but sightseers.

That is especially true about East Berlin. Freed from communist rule, it embraced an “anything goes” view of the world.

It is not too surprising a new worship center opened called The House of One. It is not what you expect from a place that proclaims it is a place to worship.

Using the codewords of “relevance” and “connections,” The House of One embraces all beliefs. The door is open to God, Jesus, Allah, and whatever philosophical system someone holds in its walls. Those who believe in “one God” receive an icy reception. One theologian at the center said, “This is not a club for monotheistic religions—we want others to join us.”

The danger of believing as you want is ever-present. It was chiseled in marble or cast in bronze in the ancient world. Now it slips through world views taken for granted.

But, the truth that gets ignored is the truth that can save. Jesus told his disciples:

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

While those words form too narrow a thought for the world, they serve as the door to eternity. We must choose the way to follow.

-Robert G. Taylor-