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Jason Moon is the pulpit preacher at Waterview and loves preaching the Word of God when the church meets together. His favorite kind of preaching is “open Bible” preaching straight from Scripture as he applies the ancient truth to modern, 21st century living. Very often he will lead the congregation in a study of an entire book of the Bible over the course of several weeks or months.


Isaiah and Micah were contemporaries who preached and prophesied to Judah, the southern kingdom. While being a  "country prophet" Micah argued God's case like a big city lawyer. Three sermons make up the seven chapters of this book. In each sermon, there is "judgment" and "hope." We also highlight the well-know Micah 6:8 passage and explain how it fits into the context of the overall book.

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The Challenge of Our Times

"Man who is born of woman..." - most can complete the verse from Job 14:1 from there. We live in our reality (America) but understand two kingdoms are at odds with each other: the kingdom of Satan and the Kingdom of Christ. In a world with so many pressing problems (which we highlight briefly in this lesson), Christians need to make sure we respond to this problem in a healthy way. The "challenge" of this lesson is to accept that the Gospel changes things one life at a time and that starts with us!

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Jonah is really a book about God! While Jonah is often considered a "hero" in children's literature, he really was the reluctant prophet. The greatness of this story is how God does great things despite Jonah. God is willing to save even when we don't think people are worth saving.

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Obadiah is the shortest book in the Old Testament. Yet, its 21 verses contain an important message. The descendants of Esau, the Edomites, made a number of blunders. This book is the judgment of the Lord concerning them and a reminder for us today to learn from them. Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe on YouTube

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Joy in Christ

At the heart of Philippians is the message "Rejoice in the Lord." Philippians chapter three is really a reminder that Jesus is enough. If you have less than Jesus you don't have enough. If you have more than Jesus you have too much. Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe on YouTube

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Amos was no prophet or son of a prophet (Amos 7:14) until he was called by God. Then the shepherd and farmer became the country prophet. His mission was to carry a message of judgment and prophecy to Israel, the northern tribe. He served God faithfully and provides valuable insights for our modern lives today.

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Joy in Loving

It's good to hear a spiritual principle explained, but it's better to see it lived out. That is basically what Phil. 2:1-8 entails. The philosophy of "Joy in Loving" is explained but then Paul adds a face to the teaching in showing them Jesus practicing "Joy in Loving."

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The book of Joel is a prophecy in the backdrop of a terrible locust storm that ravaged the land. The prophet Joel uses this natural disaster to discuss the Lord's judgment on sin. In this lesson, we highlight themes of natural disaster, judgment, repentance and eventual hope for those who turn to the Lord.

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The Joy of Serving

In this service, we highlight the special nature of serving as a deacon. In Philippians 1:1, Paul names "deacons" as part of God's plan for the church. In the verses that follow, Paul thanks the Christians for their work and remembers their service in the Lord together, which we connect to "joy."

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