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Jason Moon is the pulpit preacher at Waterview and loves preaching the Word of God when the church meets together. His favorite kind of preaching is “open Bible” preaching straight from Scripture as he applies the ancient truth to modern, 21st century living. Very often he will lead the congregation in a study of an entire book of the Bible over the course of several weeks or months.

Ready or Not, Here I Come

The Second Coming of Christ shouldn't be feared. That's right, there is a way to not get nervous when you hear those words. In 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11, Paul describes two kinds of people: those of the night (darkness) and those of the day (light). Choose the darkness and fear; choose the light and be ready and reassured about the Second Coming of Christ.

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The Basics of Baptism

Perhaps no other biblical doctrine is as meaningful and misunderstood all at the same time as baptism. Baptism is more than a doctrine though. It's a beautiful blessing too. In this lesson we consider the very basics of biblical baptism. Great truths and wonderful blessings will emerge!

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A Shepherd’s Duties

In our third and final lesson about the eldership, we discuss where the rubber meets the road. The work shepherds do is fundamental to the success of the local church. This lesson follows the Bible names given to elders and how they can be narrowed into three main areas of work.

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Repentance: Gotcha or Godly?

In 2 Cor. 7:8-11, Paul shows us two kinds of sorrow. The sorrow of the world is one kind. This may be what one experiences when they get caught or exposed in wrongdoing. The other kind of sorrow is better: it's godly sorrow. This sorrow cares more about God than self and leads to the kind of change God requires men to make to please him: Repentance.

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