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As Executive Minister Robert Taylor has several roles including managing the facilities, serving as the church administrator and coordinating the Bible class program. His abilities in technology put in him the role of developing electronic presentations and taking care of technology needs for the Waterview Church.

What Are You Building On?

In life, some lessons are intellectual but not as practical. Others cause us to stare eternity in the daily mirror. One such lesson is the one with which Jesus concludes the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 7:24-28). He tells us that ever day we live in a way that will be one day revealed. What kind of a builder are you and what does what you do today, get revealed in eternity?

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The End?

On Sunday nights in 2018, we have focused on going through the Bible. We have read it and reached the end. What do you do when you get to the end and you know what the Bible says? Why should you keep reading the Bible even if you have read it before?

By |2018-12-28T09:11:12-05:00December 23rd, 2018|His Word Sermon Series, Revelation|

The Forbidden Threshold

Sometimes, you find yourself in front of a threshold. It is something unfamiliar, something even uncomfortable. Do you cross it? Why? Peter knew that feeling. He saw animals that were not to be eaten yet God told him to eat. Then, he told him to do something else he had never done. Do we have the courage to respond as Peter did?

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Honesty is the Best Policy

Truth has become a casualty of the moment. When needed, we shave the truth, or at least, cross our fingers behind our back. It is a sign we don’t want to really tell the truth. The 9th commandment directs honesty. Dishonesty comes in many forms but honesty has one form—tell the truth in love all the time.

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What Right Do You Have?

In a nation granted rights under their government, we are used to saying, "I have my rights." Our human side flexes our wills and no one can make us do anything. Yet, Paul had to address the question about the Corinthians who said, "we have the right to do anything." As Christians are rights the most important thing or something else? How do our rights affect others? More importantly, how do they affect eternity?

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Feeding for the Future

Too many times we wait until the future is present and then we panic. The breakfast program had a great start and is doing effective work feeding and helping those in Managua who are struggling. In our work in Nicaragua, we are making plans to feed the future.

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The secular world misunderstands the “why” of the crucifixion. Why did Jesus have to die? It has to do with our sin when it enters the purity of God. God must make us “right” because no one…no one…is right. We attempt to be good, but never good enough. Those who experience justification also knows how to respond to that justification.

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A View from the Mountain

We tend to climb the mountain where the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20 with a mind full of pre-conceived notions. Perhaps the men who heard it saw it more of a challenge than a commission. What was required then as well as now is more messengers. Our annual contribution to raise funds for missions at Waterview is designed to get more messengers into the world.

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