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Life is Short

How short is life? Ask Peter Craigie. Craigie was an Old Testament scholar and author of many books and commentaries. In one, he wrote of life’s brevity. Life is extremely short, and if its meaning is to be found, it must be found in the purpose of God, the giver of all life. He believed that recognizing life is short is a starting point to “achieve the sanity of a pilgrim in a mad world. “ He was writing the first of a three-volume set of Psalms when he wrote those words in 1983. But two years later, a car wreck ended his life. He was only 47. The Bible emphasizes that our life is a vapor, a mist that vanishes quickly. That is why Moses counsels: “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” (Psalm 90:12) Take stock of life. It slips through the fingers like sand in a fist. Recognize that you may never finish what you want, but if you complete what God wants you to do, it is a good life. So live life fully, even if it is not long enough. -Robert G. Taylor-

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A Father’s Voice

Imagine you go to the eye doctor, who asks you to read the chart. There is a large “E” at the top. To do so, it must be four times larger, about half the size of the wall. You cannot read it. Now, imagine skiing with that kind of vision. Would you? Fifteen-year-old Jacob Smith does. His vision is four times higher than “legally blind.” How can he ski? His brother helps him to the top of the hill. Then, he carries a two-way radio that brings his father’s voice, and that voice guides him down the mountain. Jacob must trust his father. How much? “I mean,” says Jacob, “enough to turn right when he tells me to.” We share a similar experience. Our alpine slope is real life where human instinct fails us. How do we make decisions in a complex world, or do we love those who hurt us or respond with compassion? Jesus told his followers, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” (John 10:27, ESV) No matter how competent we feel, we are blind to how to live. The devil whispers in our lives, and the tug of life’s lusts are constant. We are going through life needing guidance. Faith means admitting to your blindness. Listen to the voice. You listen to his voice enough to turn when he says to turn. It will tell you how to live, how to love, and how to worship. Can you hear your Father’s voice? -Robert G. Taylor-

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