Draper Kauffman had dreams that never came true.

He graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy class of 1933 to become a sailor like his father. But something went wrong.

He had poor eyesight, so the Navy washed him out.

He decided to join a volunteer organization called the American Volunteer Ambulance Corps. The group served the French in their war with Hitler’s Germany. He was a warrior relegated to driving an ambulance.

The Nazis discovered and imprisoned his unit. His captors released him in 1940 as the French surrendered. He went to England, where he joined the Royal Navy Reserve.

They did not know what to do with him. The Royal Navy assigned him to disarm bombs, which did not explode during the Blitz of London.

He went home after the war intensified, thinking his career was over. It was then that someone heard about a trained sailor who had nothing to do but disarm bombs. Authorities asked him to organize something never before seen…an Underwater Demolition School. After preparing some men, he went to the Pacific, where he awaited Japan’s never-to-come invasion.

Even with the war over, he continued to instruct in underwater demolition. Over time, his efforts turned into something special. Perhaps you have heard of them. They are the Navy SEALs.

Sometimes the worse disappointments close doors disguised as open doors.

It was something Paul knew well. He planned to do intensive work in Asia Minor. God had other plans. The Spirit “did not allow him.” In a vision, plans changed. That closed door turned into churches like Thessalonica, Philippi, and Corinth. Inevitably, Christianity came to Europe, which, by extension, is where we came from.

Before you grow discouraged when life doesn’t go your way, take each step along the way. God has other plans, and you may be part of those.

If the door opens, step through it.

-Robert G. Taylor-