Jean-Claude Juncker keeps track of a lot in his job as European Commission President.

Part of that is a book he calls Le Petit Maurice. He’s had the book for 30 years.

The book has vital information. It contains the names of people who have betrayed him in the past. When someone double-crosses him, their name goes into the book.

He said the book isn’t full because people “rarely betray me.” When Juncker was prime minister of Luxembourg, he stopped many attacks by saying, “Be careful, Little Maurice is waiting for you.”

Most of us would never want to make that book.

God doesn’t have a grudge book. Instead, he forgets the sins of the repentant.

The Hebrew writer reminded his audience of God’s covenant in which:

Their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more. (Hebrews 10:17)

Men can carry grudges for years and remember every slight. God promises to forget the wrongs of the obedient.

Praise God that he does not have a grudge book!

-Robert G. Taylor-