Akitoshi Okamoto learned the hard way that complaining does not pay.

Okamoto was irritated with his phone service. He complained about connectivity issues. He wanted an apology from the company in person. Then, when that did not work, he started calling the company and hanging up when it was answered.

Each day he placed 33 of these called. In one week, the total was 400. In total, he made 24,000 complained calls.

Finally, the police got involved and arrested Okamoto who was charged with fraudulent obstruction of a business.

As far as anyone knows, his complaining did not work.

As modern life gets more harried, we complain more. Service slows. Traffic worsens. Waiting rooms in medical facilities grow longer.

We complain when life doesn’t cooperate with our plans. We make our irritation known…loudly.

Yet, Christians are not called to be complaining people. They are to look at a bigger picture, one that has God the giver at its center. Paul told the Philippians, some of who needed the mind of Christ,

“Do everything without grumbling or arguing,” (Philippians 2:14)

The measure of a complaining life is what is not right. The mark of a blessed life is to see what God has done.

It may never get you arrested but complaining will never help your life. Now, what’s your complaint?

-Robert G. Taylor-