The Story Tears Tell

After a 30 year marriage, the novelist Julian Barnes found himself alone. His wife Pat died of a brain tumor. It was then that Barnes discovered an even more painful emotion than grief. It was the silence about his loss. His friends never talked of his wife. They steered conversations away from her…and him. A week after his wife’s funeral, one friend cheerfully suggested, “why don’t you take a long vacation?” He coined a term for his reluctant friends called “the Silent Ones.” He recognized in his sorrow that no one could handle his tears. When we lose someone, tears flow. They are a common human element that connects us all, regardless of race, financial status, educational accomplishment, or faith. Tears flow freest at  the crossroad of despair and hope. They stained the eyes of Abraham, David, and even Jesus himself. What do you do with your tears? How do you handle the tears that flow uncontrolled in a  darkened soul in need of comfort? On Sunday night, November 20th, Greg Parks will present a lesson at 5:45 as part of that strategy.  You can help through a grief support group. It is easy to say, “get over it” but you never get over it. You let God and his children become the crutch to help you walk again. Find out how you avoid being a “Silent One.”

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The Rest of the Story

When the famous radio personality Paul Harvey would tell compelling stories about famous people, he would start by saying, “Now for the rest of the story.” This is a “rest of the story” tale. For several years, Waterview has sponsored a School Bell program each August. The program provides school supplies and school clothes to families who do not have the money to get their kids started in school. This month, 75 families received this kind of help. Does it do anything for the kingdom, or is it just a “feel good” program? Waterview employs a daytime custodian named Sondra. Sondra came to School Bell two years ago with her mother and with her children. She received clothes, backpacks, and pencils and paper. She got so much more. She started attending the Latino congregation that meets in the Waterview building. She began working here earlier this year. She brings her kids to church and class and is learning. Last Sunday, Sondra was baptized into Christ. Her first contact was School Bell. Sometimes we make an excuse for events with the throwaway line, “only God knows the good done.” In Sondra’s case, heaven knows. And now so do you.

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Mexico Work Makes Transition

In May of this year, Patrick and Brandon’a Garcia and their two children completed their mission work in Cuernavaca, Mexico and returned the United States. However, the work continues. The Waterview elders are committed to moving forward with the La Fuentes church which the Garcias planted. The missions committee searched for ways to keep the work going most effectively and have a team of people who live in Mexico to work with the church. This week Patrick will present his final report to the congregation, but you will also meet part of the new team. Isabel and Efrain Paulin are a husband and wife team with many years of ministry experience in Mexico. Mario Salazar recently completed his ministry instruction with TIBi and is a current member at Cuernavaca. Chucho (also a member at Cuervnavaca) finished his TIBI training and will work with the church. The Paulins and Mario are at Waterview this weekend to meet the church and have discussions with the Missions Committee. (Chucho did not come due to visa issues.) Take time to meet them and encourage them in their work.

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