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The book of Ezra documents two groups of exiles returning from the seventy-year Babylonian exile. After considering the two groups and what seems to be their goals, we offer some practical considerations for Christians today.

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2 Kings

While the story of the kings is the majority in these books, a secondary story-line is about the prophets Elijah and Elisha. In 2 Kings 5, Elisha gives a Syrian army hero a simple remedy for his leprosy. This lesson tracts the journey Naaman took to learn find his remedy.

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1 Kings

The book of 1 Kings is one of triumph and tragedy. The kingdom of Israel starts off united and eventually ends in division. The kingship of Jeroboam is the focus of this lesson. He reminds us that convenience isn't always the best thing especially if it involves changing what God has commanded.

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2 Samuel

On the heels of the tragic events of David's sin with Bathsheba, 2 Samuel 12 tells the story of Nathan coming to David to confront him regarding his sin. What Nathan shows us is how to talk to others about their sin.

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1 Samuel – Part 2

During the fall of King Saul his life intersects with his successor, David. These two men provide a great contrast to the kind of heart God wants us to have. One of our favorite Bible stories is when David's heart is put on display when he faces the great Philistine warrior, Goliath. In this drama, David shows us how to face the giants in our lives.

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1 Samuel

In our ongoing "One Book" series we come to a familiar story in 1 Samuel. It's the story of God calling the "boy" Samuel to hear his word. In this lesson, we learn of the circumstances and responsibilities of "When We Hear God's Word."

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The events of the book of Ruth happened during the days of the Judges. In a time of lawlessness, the book of Ruth shows us how love prevailed. This lesson highlights the relationship of Naomi and Ruth, Boaz and his fidelity to the Law of Moses and eventually the "kinsman redeemer" relationship he would have with Naomi and Ruth.

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Our "One Book" series continues with a look at the book of Judges. In this lesson, we consider three concepts that were present in the days of the judges which also are relevant today.

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Idolatry for Dummies

At first glance, Israel’s penchant for idol worship seems far removed from us today, both in time and concept. A closer look at the nature of idolatry, however, reveals just how much it is still a snare for us today, even within our own Christian faith.

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