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Isaiah and Micah were contemporaries who preached and prophesied to Judah, the southern kingdom. While being a  "country prophet" Micah argued God's case like a big city lawyer. Three sermons make up the seven chapters of this book. In each sermon, there is "judgment" and "hope." We also highlight the well-know Micah 6:8 passage and explain how it fits into the context of the overall book.

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Jonah is really a book about God! While Jonah is often considered a "hero" in children's literature, he really was the reluctant prophet. The greatness of this story is how God does great things despite Jonah. God is willing to save even when we don't think people are worth saving.

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Obadiah is the shortest book in the Old Testament. Yet, its 21 verses contain an important message. The descendants of Esau, the Edomites, made a number of blunders. This book is the judgment of the Lord concerning them and a reminder for us today to learn from them. Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe on YouTube

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Amos was no prophet or son of a prophet (Amos 7:14) until he was called by God. Then the shepherd and farmer became the country prophet. His mission was to carry a message of judgment and prophecy to Israel, the northern tribe. He served God faithfully and provides valuable insights for our modern lives today.

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The book of Joel is a prophecy in the backdrop of a terrible locust storm that ravaged the land. The prophet Joel uses this natural disaster to discuss the Lord's judgment on sin. In this lesson, we highlight themes of natural disaster, judgment, repentance and eventual hope for those who turn to the Lord.

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Hosea is a fascinating story about a prophet who literally embodied what Israel's unfaithfulness to God was like. In marrying Gomer, who would become a harlot, and in buying her back, the message is this is what our sin looks like to God and this is what God is willing to do for sinners. It's a powerful message that is foreshowing the Gospel of Christ.

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Daniel is a book about dreams and prophecies. But at the heart of the story we find how God’s people must always stand up and stand out for what they believe no matter the circumstances. This lesson focuses on the events of chapter three and the three young men who stayed cool under fire.

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Ezekiel was a priest and prophet taken away into Babylonian captivity. After witnessing a great vision of God's presence removed from the temple, Ezekiel brings the prophecy of God's destruction of Jerusalem and the temple. Yet, even with this destruction and despair, there is still hope that is envisioned in the valley of dry bones where God brings Israel's hopes back to life.

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Lamentations is a short book of five poems arranged around the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. We might say Jeremiah, the weeping prophet, laments the destruction of Jerusalem from A to Z. In these five poems, we learn some things about God and some things about ourselves.

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In our One Book series we examine the book of Jeremiah. After giving a brief outline and overview, we take a look at the life of Jeremiah as a prophet and we learn we have a lot in common with him.

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