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The events of the book of Ruth happened during the days of the Judges. In a time of lawlessness, the book of Ruth shows us how love prevailed. This lesson highlights the relationship of Naomi and Ruth, Boaz and his fidelity to the Law of Moses and eventually the "kinsman redeemer" relationship he would have with Naomi and Ruth.

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Our "One Book" series continues with a look at the book of Judges. In this lesson, we consider three concepts that were present in the days of the judges which also are relevant today.

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Idolatry for Dummies

At first glance, Israel’s penchant for idol worship seems far removed from us today, both in time and concept. A closer look at the nature of idolatry, however, reveals just how much it is still a snare for us today, even within our own Christian faith.

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In our "One Book" series, the story of Joshua builds off of the transition of power from Moses to Joshua and the people finally accomplishing what their forefathers wouldn't: possession of the Canaan land. In this lesson, we offer some background information, a breakdown of events of the book and some lessons to learn from a study of Joshua.

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In our look at the book of Deuteronomy we quickly scan the events of the book (the speeches of Moses) and then we concentrate on chapters 5, 6 and 7 which remind us the basis of the law, God's love and his desire for the people's holiness.

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In our "One Book" series we've come to Numbers. This lesson explores some of the features of the fourth book of the Bible and then focuses on the incident of the poisonous serpents and God's remedy which is remembered and realized by Jesus in John 3.

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Christians are priest! But what does that even mean? The best way to understand this concept is to go back to the O.T. book of Leviticus to learn about the special service the priests in Israel rendered to God.

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In our "One Book" series we review the events of Exodus following the theme of "Going." From start to finish, Israel was going somewhere. Like all people they went away from God but found their way back to him in the story of the Exodus.

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The book of Genesis is the book of beginnings. Many are surprised, however, to learn that grace is first found in Genesis. In this lesson we discover how in the story of Noah we find grace, faith and obedience - God's eternal formula for salvation.

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