The Christ of the Colossians

Christ, You and Reconciliation

In our previous lesson, Col. 1:20 asserted that Christ would "reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven." As we move further into chapter 1, the next three verses start to expand on the idea of reconciliation. Paul tells the story of Christ, you and reconciliation through four movements in time that take us to the past, present, future and back to the present!

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Christ is All to Us

Sometimes nothing speaks to our hearts like a song. The beautiful words of Colossians 1:15-20 are thought to be an ancient song about Christ that Paul included in his message to the Colossians. With the Holy Spirit's stamp of approval, what we find in these verses is an eternal reminder for believers that Christ is first, most important and everything! Christ is all to us!

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A Church Changed by Christ

This lesson begins a new series focused on the book of Colossians. While written to a local church, the focus of Paul seems to be on the Christ of the church. If you take Christ out of the church you are no longer the church! In this lesson, we examine Paul's greeting which reads like a prayer of thanksgiving for them (1:3-12). But in these words, Paul really documents how Christ changed them.

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