Due to technical difficulties, the video from this morning’s sermon is unavailable.

If anybody could write a psalm about the reality of death it was Moses. For 40 years he watched the nation of Israel die in the wilderness. Psalm 90 is believed to be written by Moses during the latter part of the 40 years of wilderness wandering. This psalm contains the stark reminder that most people will live no more than 70-80 years. Yet, the Bible always has an answer to bad news and this psalm does as well. This psalm is all about learning to live in the face of death.

As we live in an age of death:

  1. There is God (v 1-2)
  2. There is a Rule: People die (v 3-6)
  3. There is a Reason for the Rule: Sin (v 7-12)
  4. There is Hope (v 13-17)

Today’s Takeaways:

  1. Live with a view of eternity
  2. Evaluate in view of your sin
  3. Respond to God in view of His hessed or loving kindness.