Wing Mingdao was one of China’s famous church leaders of the 20th Century. Mingdao preached Jesus in China and served a 20-year prison sentence for it.

In his cell, the leader discovered life slowed. It was unhurried and unchosen. In those times, he learned so much.

Author Ronald Boyd-MacMillan met him years later. In his book Faith the Endures, he details their exchange.

“Young man, how do you walk with God?” I listed off a set of disciplines such as Bible study and prayer, to which he mischievously retorted, “Wrong answer. To walk with God, you must go at walking pace.”

The words struck Boyd-MacMillan’s heart like a hammer striking a gong. He explained that most of his life was spent “running for Jesus.” He learned that walking pace is different.

With three short years and much to do, Jesus was never rushed. His life demonstrated a deliberate pace. Listen to how Luke captured his habits.

One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God. (Luke 6:12)

Jesus knew that to “walk with God” meant you walked with him. God took millennia to carry out his plans. It is foolish to think we can put God on our schedule.

So, stop and slow down. Live your life at God’s pace. Then you will learn to walk with God.

-Robert G. Taylor-