Overcoming Yourself

We are sometimes our own worst enemy. Satan knows this and he'll use our tendency to focus on ourselves to cause us be overcome. It is true that God wants us to "overcome" through his Son. But one of the things the Lord said we must also do is "deny yourself." This lesson looks at practical, biblical steps to "Overcoming Yourself." Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe on YouTube

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Better Beware (part 2)

The letter we know as "Hebrews" tells us of the reasons Christianity is "better" than Judaism (see part 1). In part 2 of this lesson, we also consider another feature of Hebrews that "warns" about the dangers of turning your back on the best (Christ) for something inferior (anything else). Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe on YouTube

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Our culture speaks of winning and losing on a daily basis. Spiritually speaking, winning and losing is the same thing as being saved or lost. Or, another way of saying it, it's the same thing as overcoming or being overcome. This lesson is the introductory sermon for a series about God's desire for his people to "overcome." Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe on YouTube

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The Foundation of Our Mission

To motivate us to give in our annual Great Commission collection, we investigate our marching orders from the Great Commission. This is the church's work order from the Lord. This lesson challenges us to understand what the Great Commission really means. Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe on YouTube

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