Generations: Greatest Generation

Sunday Morning Sermon for September 24, 2017 Sermon Notes 1. SOCIOLOGISTS SAY Shaped by DEPRESSION. (1929) EXPERIENCE? (world/AMERICA-bank) SHAPE? Frugal/job/lucky/horror LOVE, MARRY, CHILDREN – in that order! Shaped by WORLD WAR II Events touched all World at war-limited Big. Surprise – Dec 7,1941 – infamy Draft = stars in window/rationing Shaped? Patriotism-bonds,scrap. Respect authority-to win […]

Generations: Baby Boomers

Sunday Morning Sermon for September 17, 2017 Sermon Notes Each year, Time Magazine has named a “Man of the Year” who represented the greatest impact on the previous year. Most of the time it is presidents or Nobel Prize winners. In 1966, Time’s man of the year was not a man, a woman, or even […]

Generations: The X Factor

Sunday Morning Sermon for September 10, 2017 Sermon Notes 132 times! That’s the number of times the Bible uses the phrase “one another.” God has always expected his people to know, love and respect “one another.” For those in the church, this means we understand the generations. In doing so we’ll “have the same care […]

Generations: Walking with Millennials

Sunday Morning Sermon for September 3, 2017 Sermon Notes For the church today, millennials are sort of like that “awkward friend” We’re not ever really sure where we stand with them Their feelings about us seem to shift with each passing cultural issue On some issues millennials applaud us, stand up and rally alongside us […]

The Story Tears Tell

After a 30 year marriage, the novelist Julian Barnes found himself alone. His wife Pat died of a brain tumor. It was then that Barnes discovered an even more painful emotion than grief. It was the silence about his loss. His friends never talked of his wife. They steered conversations away from her…and him. A […]

The Rest of the Story

When the famous radio personality Paul Harvey would tell compelling stories about famous people, he would start by saying, “Now for the rest of the story.” This is a “rest of the story” tale. For several years, Waterview has sponsored a School Bell program each August. The program provides school supplies and school clothes to […]

Mexico Work Makes Transition

In May of this year, Patrick and Brandon’a Garcia and their two children completed their mission work in Cuernavaca, Mexico and returned the United States. However, the work continues. The Waterview elders are committed to moving forward with the La Fuentes church which the Garcias planted. The missions committee searched for ways to keep the […]