Books of the Bible

Books of the Bible

The Pleasant Offering for Our Triune God

At the heart of missions is the nature of God. God first loved us. God first gave to us. When we follow him by faith we want to give what is pleasing to him. In this lesson, Lenin Munguia offers us encouragement for giving toward our annual Great Commission Sunday with a reminder of these principles from 2 Samuel 24:18-25, Phil. 2:5-11 and Rom. 15:16.

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After a brief overview and explanation that Isaiah is the gospel in miniature form, we focus on the encounter that Isaiah has with God in Isaiah 6:1-9. This encounter changed him and it should change us!

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Song of Solomon

As we continue our "One Book" series, Song of Solomon present a story about a man and woman who are in love. While the content of this book is sometimes difficult to study in mixed company, ultimately, it is the story of the meeting, marriage and struggle involved in the marriage relationship. From this story, we learn three key things that keep our marriages healthy.

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The Christians Impact on the World – Part 2

The call of Christianity is to live a life set apart from the world. And when Christians do this it really does make a difference. This was apparently something that was out of order on the island of Crete when Paul wrote to Titus. In Titus 3:1-8, Paul gives Titus reminders about the need to truly make an impact on their world.

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"What's the meaning of life?" Not long after man inhabited this globe humans began to ask that question. The book of Ecclesiastes expected that question and gives us answers. In this lesson we examine how life must never be lived "apart from God" and we look at three practical ways to deal with the frustrations that are common to life (key passages: Ecc. 3:1-15, Ecc. 12:13-14)

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The book of Proverbs is a book of wisdom (see Prov. 1:1-7). Often said to be associated with other "wisdom literature" like the books of Ecclesiastes and Job, it offers us practical and heavenly insight into how life can be lived more in tune with God than the world. In this lesson, we examine the structure (parts) of the book and then focus on the parable of the lazy vineyard owner in Prov. 24:30-36.

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Why We Give

Most churches on the Christian spectrum believe in Giving, at least in theory. Where we struggle, however, is in the practice of giving. In this lesson, we answer the question some ask about why we give, but we do so by establishing a fundamental, theological truth that allows us to give the way God wants Christians to give.

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