Overcoming Impatience

How important is patient endurance? In it, Jesus says, "you will win your soul" (Lk. 21:19). Our ability to overcome impatience is not just a need for getting along, but getting to heaven. This lesson's goal is to help us understand what patience really is and to understand why we need it and when we'll need it.

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Where’s Your Trust?

In Luke 12 Jesus offers a series of warnings, but in two segments of this chapter there is a great contrast. The story of the Rich Man who trusted in himself and his money (16-21) is contrasted with Jesus' lesson about not being anxious and seeking him first (22-34). Anytime our trust is not in God, we are in danger in trusting in the wrong things.

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A Worthy Person

Luke 7:1-10 is an unusual account of a different kind of man. Most people don't see themselves the way others see them. Most of us think we are more deserving and worthy than we really are. But the centurion in this story saw himself as unworthy when everyone who knew him thought he was worthy. This lesson explains why that was true.

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