1 Samuel

Why We Pray

In our "Why We? series we are addressing the things we do in the assembly. Not only do we pray in our corporate worship, it's something we do all the time in our Christian walk. In this lesson, we consider the powerful example of Hannah, who would eventually become the mother of Samuel, from 1 Sam. 1-2. Being barren provides the backdrop to some powerful reasons that confirm "Why We Pray."

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1 Samuel – Part 2

During the fall of King Saul his life intersects with his successor, David. These two men provide a great contrast to the kind of heart God wants us to have. One of our favorite Bible stories is when David's heart is put on display when he faces the great Philistine warrior, Goliath. In this drama, David shows us how to face the giants in our lives.

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1 Samuel

In our ongoing "One Book" series we come to a familiar story in 1 Samuel. It's the story of God calling the "boy" Samuel to hear his word. In this lesson, we learn of the circumstances and responsibilities of "When We Hear God's Word."

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