Why We Series

Why We Commune

The part of worship we called "communion" or "the Lord's Supper" is very unique to Christian worship. In our last lesson in our "Why We" series we give the biblical justification for continuing this ancient practice. This "sermon" is unique in that we intertwine preaching, singing, praying and communion throughout the majority of the service.

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Why We Give

Most churches on the Christian spectrum believe in Giving, at least in theory. Where we struggle, however, is in the practice of giving. In this lesson, we answer the question some ask about why we give, but we do so by establishing a fundamental, theological truth that allows us to give the way God wants Christians to give.

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Why We Preach

It is clear that God deems preaching important. In Rom. 10:14, scripture states that preaching is needed for people to hear and believe the word. In this lesson, we examine the first sermon ever preached in the setting of the new church God would establish on the day of Pentecost after Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. An examination of this sermon in Acts 2 helps us understand "Why We Preach."

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Why We Pray

In our "Why We? series we are addressing the things we do in the assembly. Not only do we pray in our corporate worship, it's something we do all the time in our Christian walk. In this lesson, we consider the powerful example of Hannah, who would eventually become the mother of Samuel, from 1 Sam. 1-2. Being barren provides the backdrop to some powerful reasons that confirm "Why We Pray."

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Why We Sing

Imagine you've never been to "church" and you decide to go see what those people do on Sundays. One of the most unique things you'd witness is singing. You'd probably think, "Why do these people do this?" This lesson examines the biblical logic of singing and neuroscience related to singing.

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