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Joy in Christ

At the heart of Philippians is the message "Rejoice in the Lord." Philippians chapter three is really a reminder that Jesus is enough. If you have less than Jesus you don't have enough. If you have more than Jesus you have too much. Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe on YouTube

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Joy in Loving

It's good to hear a spiritual principle explained, but it's better to see it lived out. That is basically what Phil. 2:1-8 entails. The philosophy of "Joy in Loving" is explained but then Paul adds a face to the teaching in showing them Jesus practicing "Joy in Loving."

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The Joy of Serving

In this service, we highlight the special nature of serving as a deacon. In Philippians 1:1, Paul names "deacons" as part of God's plan for the church. In the verses that follow, Paul thanks the Christians for their work and remembers their service in the Lord together, which we connect to "joy."

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