The Pleasant Offering for Our Triune God

At the heart of missions is the nature of God. God first loved us. God first gave to us. When we follow him by faith we want to give what is pleasing to him. In this lesson, Lenin Munguia offers us encouragement for giving toward our annual Great Commission Sunday with a reminder of these principles from 2 Samuel 24:18-25, Phil. 2:5-11 and Rom. 15:16.

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Why We Preach

It is clear that God deems preaching important. In Rom. 10:14, scripture states that preaching is needed for people to hear and believe the word. In this lesson, we examine the first sermon ever preached in the setting of the new church God would establish on the day of Pentecost after Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. An examination of this sermon in Acts 2 helps us understand "Why We Preach."

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Understanding Romans 14

Ever heard someone say "That's a Romans 14 issue?" What did they mean? Unfortunately, sometimes Romans 14 is misused to sweep doctrinal disagreements under the rug in order to promote unity in diversity. Is this how God wants us to use Romans 14? In this lesson we discuss what Romans 14 means and show some ways it's often misused.

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What Makes God Mad?

Some people have a view of God that believes he could never be mad. Yet, in both the Old Testament and the New there are many passages which detail the anger and wrath of God upon sinners. God never gets mad without a cause and he never is unjust in his anger. Romans 1:18-32 documents a number of things that reveal the wrath of God from heaven. We should carefully consider these things and if we are practicing them we should immediately repent.

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Appreciating God’s Servants Who Do Good

God established three great institutions to give order to the world: the home, the church and civil government. Romans 13 describes the Christians responsibility to the state under which one lives. In doing so, Paul shares three compliments about people who represent the authority. This lesson is our way of saying thanks to first responders.

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