A Mom on a Mission

Moses was a boy with two mothers. It was a unique situation that resulted in him living in the Egyptian palace as the son of Pharaoh's daughter. But before that, his mother, Jochebed, had the opportunity to give Moses what he needed for life. This story reminds mothers of any generation about their opportunities to do the same.

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Mountaintop Worship

God heard the cries of his people in Egyptian bondage and he brought them out. His goal was not just deliverance, but for them to gather at Mt. Sinai to be in his presence once more. Exodus 19-24 helps us see a great development in God's people being able to experience the glory of God as they witness his presence at Mt. Sinai. It's a refreshing reminder of the power of God's presence we can experience in worship today as we gather together.

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In our "One Book" series we review the events of Exodus following the theme of "Going." From start to finish, Israel was going somewhere. Like all people they went away from God but found their way back to him in the story of the Exodus.

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